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Secure Chat 3.4.1: Updated UI and Optimized Battery Consumption

Secure Vault 2.0.0: New Look and Feel


SECURE CHAT 3.3.1: Optimized reconnection for voice calls and improved battery life

Secure Manager 3.3.0: Improved Distribution and Client Management

Secure Chat 3.3.0: Optimized Group Chat, Encrypted Calls, and User Experience

Secure Vault 1.3.3: Easier White-Labeling of Our Mobile Security Solutions

Secure Email 1.39.1: Optimized Battery Consumption

Secure OS 3.2.1: Enrollment, Incognito Mode, and Mobile Security Improvements

Secure Vault 1.3.2: Optimized Security and User Experience

Secure Email 1.39.0: Optimized Functionalities & White Label Branding

Secure Chat 3.2.1: Optimized Communication and Greater Camera Capabilities

Secure Manager 3.0.0: Self-hosted Instances for Master Distributors

Secure OS 3.2.0: Optimized Enrollment

Secure Vault 1.3.1: Better User Experience

Secure OS 3.1.0: Optimized User Experience

Introducing X1: the next generation encrypted device from Secure Group

Secure OS 3.0: The Future of Mobile Security

Secure Vault 1.3.0: Extended In-app Camera Capabilities and Bug Fixes

Secure Manager 2.1.0: Account Re-enrollment Permissions and Monetary Limits

Secure Email 1.38.2: Restoring Backed Up Keys & Using Custom Contact Details

Secure Email 1.38.0: Automated Key Backup and Syncing with Secure Chat Contacts

Secure Chat 3.2.0: Preparing for the Future

Secure Group is Rebranding: New Horizons in the Mobile Security Landscape

Secure Manager v 2.0.0: More Customization Options

Secure Chat v 3.1.1: Enhanced Security and Improved Group Chat Management

Secure Vault v 1.2.0: Improved Integration With Secure Chat

Secure Chat v 3.1.0: Save Multiple Messages to Secure Vault

Secure Manager v 1.26.3: Interface and Checkout Improvements

Secure Manager v 1.26.2: Idea Box Improvements

Secure Chat v 3.0.1: Disappearing Messages Hotfix

Secure Manager v 1.26.1: Checkout Page Optimization

Secure Chat v 3.0: Completely Redesigned User Interface & Great New Features

Secure Email v 1.37.0: User Interface Improvements

Secure Manager v 1.26.0: Introducing the Idea Box

Secure OS v 2.5.1: Improved Recovery Update

Secure Manager v 1.25.2: Enriched Seller Tools

Secure Email v1.36.0: Enhanced Sync Performance

Secure OS v 2.5.0: Full circle protection

Secure Manager v 1.25.1: System Improvements

Secure Chat v 2.4.1: Connectivity Hotfix

Secure Vault v 1.1.1: Fine-tuning application performance

Secure Manager v 1.25.0: Reporting Improvements

Important Update: Application Discontinuations in January 2019

Secure Chat v 2.4.0: Enhanced Adaptive Bitrate Control

Secure Administration System v 2.3.0: High-Security Mobile Management

Secure Manager v 1.24.4: Service Renewal Notifications

Secure Manager v 1.24.3: Backend performance optimization and tuning

Secure Chat v 2.3.2: Enhanced stability

Secure OS v 2.4.1: Integrated stability and consistent updates

Secure Manager v 1.24.1: Improved Billing and Checkout

Secure Email v 1.35.1 Reliability Hotfix

Secure Chat v2.3.1: Flawless Experience

Secure Email v1.35.0: Smoother User Experience & Increased Performance

Secure OS V2.4.0: A true game changer

Secure Chat v2.3.0: At full speed

Secure Email v1.34.0: More user-friendly

Efail failed. PGP is still secure

Secure Vault v1.0: Now available for all Secure Phone users

Secure Chat v2.2.1: Because convenience matters

Secure Manager v1.17.0: Better service management in hands

Secure Group partner to protect lawyers’ communications in the Netherlands

Secure Group expands global data coverage, improves connectivity

Secure OS v2.3.0: Focus on usability

Secure Manager v1.16.0: Better user experience and bug fixes

Secure Email v1.33.0: Introducing Security Lock

Secure Chat v2.2.0: All your contacts in one place

Chip-off: What it is and how we protect against it

Secure Administration System v2.0.0:  Full control over advanced security features

Secure Manager v1.15.0: A cleaner user experience

Secure OS v2.2.0: Introducing Emergency Center and Incognito Mode

Secure Chat v2.1.2: Improved performance with no extra data usage

How Secure Group ensures partner success

Introducing Secure Vault: One place to store securely all your files

Secure Chat v2.1.0: More privacy, more security

Is your Bitcoin wallet safe? Or can SS7 flaws and bad 2FA compromise it?

Wi-Fi KRACK attack explained. Is Secure Phone affected?

Secure Group expands in Africa

OMEMO end-to-end encryption for chat explained

Introducing Secure Group Support: Our new support website

Secure Chat v2.0: one place to text and call

How to make sense of encryption protocols

BlueBorne hack proves how easy it is to exploit Bluetooth

Secure Voice v2.10.8: Preparing for the next phase

6 ways your phone can get hacked

Fixing SS7 vulnerabilities: What is being done and what you can do

Phone hacking through SS7 is frighteningly easy and effective

What does the Lipizzan spyware mean for mobile communication security?

Hackers use hotel wi-fi to spy on targets, doesn't work on Secure Phone

Why industries need to secure their communications

Why encryption and mobile security are fundamental for human rights

Protecting information, data, and individuals: Encryption for the security and defense sector

How instant connectivity and encryption help the energy sector secure its communications

How encrypted communication solutions help the consulting and accounting sector

Secure Email v1.32.0: Refined and redesigned

Secure Chat v 1.12.0 - Cleaner and more Intuitive

Secure communications to help prevent banking and financial fraud

Secure Email V1.31.5 & 1.31.6: Reduced bandwidth consumption and bug fixes

Securing the pharmaceutical industry’s R&D data: How we do it

How vulnerabilities in SS7 protocol expose all mobile networks to attacks

Secure Voice v2.10.6: UI improvements

Secure Chat v1.11.5: Improved stability and bug fixes

Your PIN is very easy to steal. Here is how we keep it safe


Why online privacy matters – and how to take it back

Secure Email v1.31.3: Fasten your seatbelts, email just got a whole lot faster, by default!

6 encryption workarounds (that don’t work on our products)

IMSI-catchers: What they are, why you should be concerned and how to protect yourself?

Official Release: Secure Manager 1.7.2

Want to erase everything on your phone? A factory reset won’t do it

How being 100% P2P helps Secure Chat guarantee its users' privacy

Device encryption and remote wipe: How Secure Phone keeps your data safe

New release of Secure Pack

Secure Group doesn’t store user encryption keys. Here’s why

Why the CIA leaks confirm what we have been saying all along

SHA-1 algorithm officially dead, Secure Chat not compromised

Official Release: Secure Manager 1.5.1

Reducing the attack surface: Why less is more in smartphone security

How data leaks from your smartphone – and can you stop it?

Official release of Secure OS 1.1.0

Official release of Secure Manager 1.4.01

Google Services and privacy don't mix: How we removed them from Secure Phone

How not to get hacked: 15 tips to improve your online security

Official release of Secure Manager 1.3.01

New release of Secure Pack

Lock pattern, PIN, or password: What is the most reliable way to lock a phone?

The Socialist Millionaire Protocol: How Secure Chat prevents MitM attacks

Official release of Secure Manager 1.2.01

A backdoor or not, there is a vulnerability in WhatsApp. Here’s why

Passwords: How to come up with strong ones? (And why yours suck)

Cold War 2.0 is going to be all about cyberwarfare. Buckle up for it in 2017

What to look for when choosing an encrypted communications provider?

To PGP, or not to PGP? That is the question

How much is your stolen information worth?

New official release: Secure Chat 1.10.0

8 things that threaten mobile security

Why having encryption backdoors is a very bad idea?

Malicious apps spy on you and steal your data. How can you stop them?

New releases: Secure Email 1.28.1, Secure Voice 2.10.1, Secure Manager (LAS) 1.1.04, Secure Administration System (SAS) 1.2.x

Why Samsung Knox security isn’t good enough? (Part 2)

9 reasons why everyone needs encryption

Official release of (the License Administration System) Secure Manager 1.1.03

Does quantum computing mean the end of encryption? Not yet

Is there a tide of mass surveillance rising? Here’s how to prepare

Goodbye, License Administration System. Hello, Secure Manager!

How to avoid privacy threats when using free Wi-Fi

Do you rely on Samsung Knox for security? Here’s why you shouldn’t

Official release of the License Administration System: LAS 1.1.02

How to reclaim your online privacy in 5 practical steps

Why a Trump presidency could mean bad news for online privacy

Wi-Fi IMSI-catchers: Another reason to avoid free hotspots

Eavesdropping on what you type: How keystroke sounds may give away your password

Did the NSA really break Diffie-Hellman? Not quite

Official release of Secure Pack

Your everyday messaging app, human rights, and online privacy? Not a match made in heaven

Android malware on steroids: DressCode

Is encryption a crime? Scotland Yard says yes, and it's so wrong

New official release: License Administration System (LAS) 1.1.01

New backdoor in Android discovered! Secure Phone is not affected

Because of you, your phone is your weakness

You can escape Yahoo but can you escape mass email surveillance?

10 privacy organizations oppose UK's mass surveillance in court

What will generic phones mean for BlackBerry security

Is someone spying on my cell phone? 3 Secure Phone features make it impossible

How to hack an iPhone for $100, or how the FBI could've saved $1 mln

Secure Pack vs Secure Phone: the key differences

ZRTP encryption for voice explained

OTR encryption for chat explained

Secure Chat 1.9.0 official release

PGP encryption for email explained

End-to-end encryption vs link encryption

What is encryption? Here's the real answer.

Google user data requests hit a new record. Can encryption help privacy?

Mobile device management & the risks of BYOD

How prepared are you for phone theft or loss? Find out now!

New official release: Secure Voice 2.9.0

Why master keys suck? The TSA locks hack is a great example

The terrifying future (present) of biometrics

BIGGEST privacy concerns: DRONES (part 3)


Secure Group releases a major version of Secure BlackBerry

Complete new redesign of Secure Group's License Administration System

BIGGEST privacy concerns: MOBILE DEVICES (part 1)

How Android encryption can be broken and how Secure Phone beats the hack

Social engineering, or turning human nature against us

Top 10 reasons why BYOD may not be right for you

Top 3 misconceptions on Android security

Was data about you stolen in 2015? Over half a billion records were...

New official release: Secure Chat 1.7

New version of Secure Group's License Administration System

New official release: Secure Chat 1.5.2

Security and Privacy Roundup Oct. 15

Security and Privacy Roundup, September 18th

Security and Privacy Roundup, August 31st

Update on Stagefright, and new vulnerabilities discovered

Security and Privacy Roundup, August 15th

Security and Privacy for the Legal Profession

Happy (Belated) Holidays from Secure Group!

New Service Management Functionality: Upgrade/Downgrade Services

Secure Group at the Canadian Wireless Tradeshow

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