OK WAIT !! How do they relate? When cars first entered the market, brakes were not included (a crazy thought!). When asked why brakes were added, most people naturally suggest that brakes enable drivers to stop. We points to the contrary – brakes were added so drivers could go faster!

We proposes that if brakes were meant to stop, they would force cars to a hard stop and nothing else. In actuality, brakes enable cars to decelerate when needed. They allow drivers to take on more risk and increase their speed, knowing they can easily slow down for curves, objects in the road or unexpected events.

Email encryption is similar. Most people believe that email encryption creates barriers and stops productivity. In actually, encryption enables businesses and their employees to enjoy the benefits of email without the risk, and thus speeds up productivity.

Without a secure communication , sensitive information such as protected health information, financial information and other personal data is in jeopardy of a data breach. The results? Associated breach costs, legal fees and possible government fines. Worse yet, loss of reputation with customers and business partners.

By implementing email encryption, businesses, their employees and most importantly their customers and partners are free to send sensitive information without concern or consequence. Email encryption actually enables businesses to move faster and safer.

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Of course, if you've found a better way to exchange secure, private Email , Fell free to tell us about it!