Many businesses ensure that company emails stay private and secure, but CIOs and IT managers often overlook another popular form of communication: text messages.

A typical SMS is subject not only to hacker interception, but also basic theft: an inbound text remains on a user's smartphone until he or she deletes it. Likewise, it stays on the carrier's servers for who knows how long.

If your business trades in sensitive information—documents, photos, private client data, etc.—it might make sense to adopt a more secure system.

Secure Chat offers encrypted chat, file sharing and supports Push to Talk (voice clip)* using the OTR (Off-The-Record) protocol over Blackberry and Android.

Designed to offer a higher level of security than existing communication apps on the market, Secure Chat provides 256-bit AES encryption using an system designed for military and intelligence communications. In case you worried, Secure Chat doesn’t store any material sent through its channels.

Secure Chat is essentially a secure alternative to Skype and other communication software.

You can test-drive the free secure chat 7 days trial just to get a feel for how it operates.

Of course, if you've found a better way to exchange secure, private messages, Fell free to tell us about it!