In June of 2014, Google rolled out a massive ad/PR campaign entitled #ResetTheNet, where they assailed the recent revelations by Edward Snowden. They made a slick video and website calling mass surveillance “illegitimate” and urged netizens to protect their privacy. They introduced “NSA-resistant” tools and introduced free encrypted PGP email software code called End-to-End to make this happen.

I was both happy and sad when this campaign started. Happy because it appeared that Google was taking these privacy breaches seriously, but sad because if it truly worked as they said it did, it would put my small encrypted PGP email company out of business.

But upon closer inspection of End-to-End, I realize it’s just a sham – and my company is safe! This is because Google has purposely made End-to-End unusable by adding an unnecessarily high level of complexity. How? Because, according to the blog post, they are not allowing anyone to actually make extensions for the Chrome store, they just shared the code so that the “community as a whole” could look it over and make sure Google didn’t “overlook” anything. They added: “Once we feel that End-To-End is ready, we will release it via the Chrome Web Store ourselves.”

c, like we use for SecureEmail is mature and already vetted. Why not use that?

That’s when it dawned on me this was just a phony way to make themselves look good – after all, we know they are reading your gmail! And if they really, truly were to create encrypted PGP email, how will they push you advertisements based on words in your private communications?

True PGP-encryption would destroy their business model and deeply impact their revenue stream.

I took a deep breath and am happy to report Secure Group is still in business and (unlike Google) serious about protecting your privacy. Check out our email features today!

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