In an era when the digital world is constantly evolving, hackers and data-collectors threaten the integrity of technology and society as a construct. To address this problem and guarantee a tomorrow where users will own their data and will have the ultimate right to communication secrecy, our main goal is to make cybersecurity more accessible for everyone.

X1 is the first step towards achieving this. The encrypted mobile device is aimed at privacy-concerned individuals and business owners. It introduces smoother user experience, simplified technical flows for easier adaptability, unmatched hardware integrity, ensuring zero-day protection, and impenetrable data security.

Hardware optimized for performance

Our engineers designed X1 with an emphasis on high quality and performance. Each encrypted device comes with a premium steel chassis and a 5.5-inch Gorilla Glass HD screen. Inside are a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB internal storage, a dual-camera setup, and 3,200 mAh battery with USB-C charging. In combination with Secure OS, these specs guarantee fast performance and a long-lasting battery that will more than satisfy the needs of users.

Seamless integration with Secure OS

We redesigned Secure OS to seamlessly integrate it with the bigger screen and the more powerful processor of our new hardware model. Version 3.0 now comes with a more informative dashboard and more visible UI elements, texts, and graphics, taking advantage of the bigger 5.5-inch screen.


X1 Hardware running Secure OS

The latest release of Secure OS continues our no-compromise, multi-layered defense with granular control and military-grade encryption. We have disabled all exploitable sensors of X1 on OS level to limit any potential threats to privacy. The internal storage is also encrypted, meaning that if an X1 is lost or stolen, the password-protected memory chip is practically impossible to penetrate through disassembly or brute force hacking. Additionally, users can erase the entire stored information directly from the phone through the Emergency Center or remotely through our device management solution Secure Administration System (SAS).   

Full control over the supply chain

With the launch of X1, Secure Group has achieved complete control over the supply chain. Previously we relied on third-party vendors to provide us with devices for our solutions, as most of our competitors still do. This approach is problematic, as many of the phones come with inherited hardware problems.

Our new encrypted device is different because it is designed in-house and constructed in a strategic partnership with the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer. The devices come preloaded with Secure OS and are rigorously tested by our quality assurance officers to ensure their integrity before delivery. This process guarantees that our users will receive a brand new encrypted phone they can fully trust. 

User-centric development

We collect feedback from our partners in a unified web platform, which helps us understand different user needs and consequently develop solutions tailored to them. This user-centric approach has served us in designing the new X1 device to introduce smoother performance, simplified user experience, and a higher level of security than our previous devices.

We understand that some prospects may need a specific hardware model, more powerful specs, additional security features, or different design. Being in strategic partnership with the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer allows Secure Group to create customized hardware solutions, providing us with the ability to address case-specific requirements upon request.

Our encrypted mobile solution is now available to order for organizations and partners worldwide. The launch of X1 is only one step towards our quest to make cybersecurity more accessible for everyone. Read the full hardware specifications of our encrypted device and start your cybersecurity journey to protect your data today. 

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