Is someone spying on my cell phone? It’s possible, maybe, probably.

This is no longer just a question secret agents ask. Today, it has become widespread for governments, enterprises, and individuals to use spy software, IMSI catchers etc. to intercept our conversations, text messages, track our movements, and steal our information. And what did we expect, when cell phones have become an extension of not only our arms but our lives? We use them to facilitate almost every aspect of our daily doings.

The truth is that regular Android smartphones, for example, cannot guarantee a 360-degree security of our communications and information. Yes, companies have started developing devices that offer more options to encrypt our data, but such encryption will hardly meet the needs of privacy fanatics and those looking for a peace of mind.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

To have total control over the privacy and security of our communications, we need a custom job. Not simply an enhanced mobile device, but a smartphone platform for encrypted communications. A solution that limits the attack surface and doesn’t allow malware to take over our phones.

Secure Phone is exactly that.

It is a product we at Secure Group developed from scratch to block all points of attack – third-party apps, the Internet, Google Services and so on – by putting the management of our security, well, in our hands. We modified the application framework, installed securer libraries, and custom applications to make sure there are no backdoors.

Here are 3 ways Secure Phone makes it impossible for someone to tap your cell phone.






SAS is the Secure Phone Administration System. A mobile device management platform that grants users total control of the device, the OS, the apps, and software of Secure Phone.

It gives you choices and granular control over your mobile security. For example, SAS can limit your access to the Internet, a place where security risks are ubiquitous. Furthermore, it can turn your Secure Phone into a regular phone with Facebook, or it can disable all Google Services, social networks, etc. and guarantee your absolute protection. SAS closes the gap between a cool secure device and the need of organizations for secure mobile communications




Encryption is slowly becoming the norm, and we at Secure Group believe in strong end-to-end encryption. That’s why we designed Secure Phone to come with a fleet of custom apps employing encryption protocols with a proven record.

For email, chat, and voice communication the phone comes preloaded with Secure Pack; three in-house developed apps using PGP for Secure Email, OTR for Secure Chat and ZRTP for Secure Voice. In addition, Secure Phone features 8 more applications: an IMSI-catcher detector, Secure Wipe, Secure Note, Secure Folder, Secure Firewall, Secure Backup, Secure Pass and Policy Manager.




Without device and storage protection end-to-end encryption can deliver privacy only to a certain extent. For that reason, Secure Phone opens the gates to a safe ground from the onset.

One of the first things you do is to choose a PIN to lock your phone’s screen and, more importantly, a lengthy PASSWORD to guarantee your device and storage encryption. This way you encrypt your accounts, settings, apps and their data, media, and other files.

Naturally, the PASSWORD is longer and more complex than your PIN, as it is a key security measure to protect your device. You do not have to enter your encryption password regularly, only when you turn on your device from a powered down state (such as a device reboot). And don’t wonder where the typical Android pattern went, it is locked by default as it is a less secure methodology.



In today’s world, technology undoubtedly offers convenience in communication, but also convenience in surveillance. That’s why we need to be aware of the dangers threatening our data privacy and exercise greater control. We developed Secure Phone with exactly that in mind. So the answer to the question, “Is someone spying on my cell phone?” consists of three words – not with Secure Phone.