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Official release of Secure Pack

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 26, 2016 1:57:56 PM

secure pack release October 2016

Montréal, Canada - October 26, 2016

Secure Group, the leading provider of encrypted communications, announced the new release of the encrypted communication suite: Secure Pack. The application bundle consists of Secure Email, Secure Chat and Secure Voice and each app ensures safety and privacy in its own domain. The moto of this release is stability and improved user experience.

Secure Email v1.27.10

The PGP encrypted client for Android and Secure Phone now comes with advanced notification configurations. End users now have more options for handling notifications. As an improvement to user experience, Secure Email now displays the count (number) of unread emails in your inbox.

Other upgrades in the app include corrected reply-to-all logic, better localization various stability improvements. Also, some folders organization issues are addressed and the overall behavior of the app is much more user-friendly and performance optimized. 

Secure Voice v2.10.0

The ZRTP-encrypted softphone for Android and Secure Phone now bears the Favorite contacts view to have your specially-selected contacts neatly available for quick access. Note that Secure Voice favorite contacts are not as the device favorite contacts. Also, localization inconsistencies with Portuguese and Ukrainian languages are fixed to provide a better experience for all Secure Voice users. 

And, as part of the new release, a decent portion of minor issues is removed from the new version. 

Secure Chat v1.9.6

The feature-rich OTR-encrypted chat client for Android and Secure Phone has also undergone some polishing. The main feature is the ability to add an attachment for an online recipient. When the recipient comes back online, the attachment is automatically pushed to their Secure Chat. The other changes mainly affect minor issues with deletion of Favorite Contacts and other minutiae, including client-server communication and app behavior with terminated accounts.

About Secure Pack

Secure Pack is a bundle that allows users on Android, Secure Phone and Secure BlackBerry to protect their privacy when the most popular communication channels: email, chat, and VoIP. Secure Pack includes Secure Email, Secure Chat, and Secure Voice, each providing a strong level of encryption that renders your communication incomprehensible to cyber-attackers. When you purchase a subscription for one app, you gain access to all, using the email address as a login username to each. Secure Pack is a complete communication solution for everyone concerned with online privacy. 

About Secure Group

Secure Group is a provider of encrypted communications solutions for users on Android, Blackberry and the company's proprietary Secure Phone encrypted mobile device. Secure Group's complete suite of services relies on the latest trends and uses the most robust protocols and concepts for protected privacy over mobile and wireless networks. The company has established a global network of partners and Secure Group's services and devices are offered worldwide, and provide top-quality protected communications for hard-to-beat prices.
For more information and contacts, visit SecureGroup.com.



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