Montréal, Canada - December 9, 2016

This week Secure Group has officially released updates to several products. Our developers have made improvements to the following Secure Pack apps: Secure Email and Secure Voice. We also uploaded new versions of Secure Manager: the billing and licensing system used by our partners; and to the Secure Administration System. Here’s a rundown of the changes:


Secure Email

The app now makes it easier to apply global operations to a large number of emails – delete, move to a different folder, mark as read, etc. We also added logic for a user to allow permission (if not allowed) when importing and exporting keys.

Additionally, we fixed several issues with app crashes on several occasions, including when you move a folder in the “Folders to Display” list; or upon custom field input when adding a contact (issue only with devices running Android 6.0.1).  As part of the release, we also fixed inbox rules crashes.

Secure Voice

Users can now see the avatar photos of their contacts, as well as change those avatars in their contact lists. Note that the images do not update when the contact changes their avatar on their device.

We added few app crash fixes as well:

  • when a video call is initiated on the caller side
  • upon deletion attempt of the only account
  • when calls exceeded a certain duration (making long calls is no longer a problem)
  • when using headphones during a video call
  • cancellation of “Rate it” pop up is now fixed

Secure Manager (formerly LAS)

We tweaked the Secure Manager so that the client's currency is fixed when they place their first order and cannot be changed subsequently. This helps prevent inaccurate invoicing of users.

There are some additional fixes as well. For example, filters for payment methods in My invoices only display the ones available to the account. We also fixed multiple errors in logs using general admin area search, thus enhancing the quality and support of the product.

Secure Administration System

There are several features and improvements added to the Secure Administration System (SAS).

Software policy logic was redesigned to allow users to have their own software policy used regardless of the application policy applied. Also, Multi-SIM cards accounts are now able to manage traffic independently for each SIM.

SAS Log: Additional events are added to the SAS Log and its filter system is also improved. SAS performance is slightly optimized to improve system usability in general.

Various dashboard and permission group screens are updated to make the management process more transparent: you can now easily identify when a change applies to a single; or multiple users.

We also included several fixes made to the usability features of Secure Phone’s built-in IMSI-catcher detector, as well as the issue in which a tower could remain in “Requested” status for unlimited amount of time.

We didn’t leave out customer feedback and added few more polishes in the new version as well.

About Secure Group

Secure Group is a provider of encrypted communications solutions for users on Android, Blackberry and the company's proprietary Secure Phone encrypted mobile device. Secure Group's complete suite of services relies on the latest trends and uses the most robust protocols and concepts for protected privacy over mobile and wireless networks. The company has established a global network of partners and Secure Group's services and devices are offered worldwide, and provide top-quality protected communications for hard-to-beat prices.

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