In order to serve our clients better, new functionality is constantly being added to improve our customer portal for Secure Group customers. We want to ensure that as a customer, you can make required changes to accounts without involving support wherever possible. To that end, we have added the capacity to upgrade or downgrade services from within our administration portals. 

This new feature means that the billing cycle of any client's service can be upgraded to a longer term or can be downgraded to a shorter term automatically. This change can be performed whether in the middle of a billing cycle or not, and calculates the difference in money owed and adjusts the time frame accordingly. This means that our customers are not locked to a term selection, and can manage the change themselves at any point in the term, as well as immediately see the change in billing, rather than calling support.

For example: If you have selected an annual billing cycle, and two months have passed, but you want to downgrade your term to monthly, you can now do so, and see a credit applied to your account.

To do this:

  1.  Log into your account at


  2. Click on Services, and then My Services.

    My Services

  3. Select View Details for the Service you wish to modify.

    View Details

  4. Click Management Actions, and in the dropdown, select Upgrade/Downgrade.

    Management Actions

  5. Select the desired billing cycle, and click Save Changes.

    Save Changes

The changes are automatically applied, as are the terms of the agreement. If downgrading, your bill is automatically modified to reflect the changes. Note that if downgrading and several months have passed, you may owe money due to the differing rates. Your bill will be changed to reflect the new billing rate, and the invoice will be adjusted to the monthly or quarterly rate for the months you have had the service as well. This means if you downgrade from an annual rate after a month or two, you will be reimbursed the difference between the annual rate and the price of two months at the monthly rate. The next bill would reflect this reimbursement, and invoice the next months payment.

The calculation would be like this: 

- Annual rate of $89 - 2 months at $20 = $49 reimbursed/credited -

Your billing cycle will be automatically changed, and your next invoice will show the accredited amount, and it will be applied to the monthly fee. The remaining credit would be carried to the next month, and the next, until gone, at which point your invoice would simply read the monthly rate. If changed mid-month, the days passed will be recalculated based on a daily rate, calculated from the monthly.

Be aware that by the same token, changing the annual billing cycle after several months might incur additional fees, because the system will account for each month or quarter individually at the higher monthly or quarterly rate.

- Annual rate of 89$ - 6 months at 20$ = an invoice of 31 dollars owing -

The client will receive a separate invoice for the $31 owing, in addition to the standard monthly invoice of 20$ for the next month of service, for a total of 51$ (plus applicable tax) due at the next invoice date.


By the same token, the system will account for billing changes if upgrading. If you have not yet paid the monthly or quarterly rate, the system will simply begin the annual billing rate from the beginning of the month in question and apply the balance to the next invoice date. If the change is made in the middle of an already paid month, or quarter, the days past will be recalculated based on the new annual billing price, and the credit applied to the amount owing. In other words, the annual rate is back-dated, reducing cost.

These changes to service management are automated, and are mentioned here for the purpose of transparency, to inform you what making this change will mean for you. We hope this capability will help you manage your account more easily. As always, we welcome your feedback, and hope to hear from you.