Montréal, Canada - February 16, 2017

Secure Group, a leading provider of encrypted communications, announced today the release of version 1.1.0 of its proprietary operating system – Secure OS. The update includes more than ten major bug fixes and improvements of usability and user experience.

    • Password update and reset improvement

      The Password Reset and Password Update actions now take place via SAS instead of Secure Manager. An option to reset the account password is available in the Policy Manager app. In SAS, a Password Reset switch is added to the account-based settings.

    • UI/UX enhancements

      The user interface has been updated to make the interaction with Secure OS, on Secure Phone, simpler and more efficient. Secure Phone now performs validation checks and displays information about the Internet connections available for the enrollment process. The user can view interactive tips for using Secure Phone’s main features on first boot after enrollment and the SRV error messages are now clearer and more user-friendly. The IMSI-Catcher Detector app also comes with improved graphic and user interface.

    • Password-protected archive of encrypted data

      The user can archive their encrypted Secure Pass data using the Secure Backup application. The information is protected and can be restored only with the Secure Pass master password. 

    • Bug fixes
      Version 1.1.0 provides bug fixes improving the stability and performance of several applications that come with Secure OS. See the release note with all fixed issues and improvements here.

About Secure OS

Secure OS is a completely modified Android-based operation system with all potentially risky services blocked to provide top level privacy protection. It is the backbone of Secure Group's propriety device, Secure Phone, and comes pre-loaded with a dozen of in-house developed apps focused on security and can be fully controlled via SAS (Secure Administration System).

About Secure Group

Secure Group is a provider of encrypted communications solutions for users on Android, BlackBerry, and the company's proprietary Secure Phone encrypted mobile device. Secure Group's complete suite of services relies on the latest trends and uses the most robust protocols and concepts for protected privacy over mobile and wireless networks. The company has established a global network of partners, and Secure Group's services and devices are offered worldwide, and provide top-quality protected communications for hard-to-beat prices.

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