Today, we are pleased to announce that the Secure Administration System (SAS), Secure Group’s MDM portal, is updated to reflect the functionality of Secure OS 2.0. It is now supplemented with tools for managing the availability of all new features on Secure Phone devices.

SAS 2.0.0

Tools to control Secure OS's new features

SAS admins can now make our new set of security features available to their users. These include Incognito Mode, a new mode that avoids intruders by disguising Secure Phone to look like a regular smartphone, and the Emergency Center for quick activation of Incognito Mode and Secure Wipe. The availability of both can be defined via toggle buttons on the Update Account screen. There, you can also enable Secure Phone users to change their lock screen timeout, so they can use their device more comfortably.

New tools to control the Emergency Center and Incognito Mode features availability on Secure Phone

The Update Account screen now features a Retention policy select drop-down menu, where admins can determine how long emails will be stored in Secure Email folders.

Retention policy select drop-down menu


Time-saving improvements

The new release features several improvements that will save SAS admins valuable time. The process of moving users from one Visibility group to another is now more intuitive. Also, the template for creating custom apps has been improved to pre-fill the selected account as the assignee.

In addition, we’ve changed the search criteria for groups and accounts. Now, users need to enter at least three letters of a name to get results. Thus, SAS can narrow down the results to the most relevant.

Improved template for creating custom apps and changed the search criteria for groups and accounts

Also, we’d like to announce that NFC can no longer be used with Secure Phone, because it could potentially be exploited by an adversary. Therefore, the option to enable NFC has been removed from SAS.

Fixed issues

This release addresses and fixes several issues. The most serious being the data usage meter, which on some occasions didn’t reset at the end of the month. For the full list of bug fixes and changes, please refer to the SAS release notes.


New features, bug fixes, and improvements  to Secure Administration System (SAS). SEE FULL RELEASE NOTES