SECURE CHAT V 1.12 - Cleaner and more intuitive

A few choice tweaks and a raft of bug fixes in the latest Secure Chat v1.12.0 makes for a more intuitive and more stable user experience.
  • Becoming more intuitive

Editing or deleting a contact is now quick and easy - simply long press on the contact in the contact list. Within contact edit mode, contacts can also be deleted by way of a new delete icon. 

For those moments when life's little events interrupt your Push-to-Talk composition, your recording can now be canceled by swiping to the left. We also have a more descriptive message delivery status in Peer-to-Peer chats; pending, delivered, and seen.

  • Keeping it simple

A few cosmetic changes to Secure Chat make for a cleaner user interface. The size indicator on Push-to-Talk messages has been removed. The Middle Name and Nickname fields from the Edit Contact screen have also been removed, which additionally simplifies the contact creation and editing process. 


Version 1.12.0 of Secure Chat is now available on Google Play