Secure Chat 3.5.0 introduces PGP Chat, a long-awaited feature that enables the seamless communication between Secure Chat users and users of other PGP encrypted email clients. Additionally, in both Secure Chat and Secure OS, there are notable UI improvements that facilitate the new PGP functionality.

Release highlights

Introducing PGP Chat 

Since its release in 1991, PGP has been hailed as a military-grade encryption protocol and is used to secure the email traffic in our Secure BlackBerry and Secure Email solutions. However, as more and more users prefer the ease of use and convenience of chatting over sending emails, we felt the need to incorporate the PGP protocol into our chat application.

This means that Secure Chat users will be able to send and receive PGP encrypted messages directly from the chat app. Additionally, we've ensured that the key generation and key management processes are performed seamlessly in the background, thus simplifying the user experience.

Another great benefit is that the feature is compatible with other PGP email clients, meaning that Secure Chat users can now communicate with users using other PGP enabled solutions for secure communications, like Secure BlackBerry.

Secure Chat 3.5 - PGP Chat

Updated in-app navigation

In order to accommodate PGP Chat the navigation bar now features three tabs instead of two, and uses can access the new functionality by tapping on the "PGP" tab. The navbar is also moved to the bottom, allowing for easy navigation between Chats & Calls, Contacts and PGP.

Secure Chat 3.5 - Updated Navigation

Updated dashboard layout

The new functionally is also represented on the Dashboard, allowing users to check at a glance if they have unread PGP messages. The updated Chat and Calls widget provides one-tap access to "Recent PGP Chats".

Secure Chat 3.5 - Updated Dashboard

Other improvements: 

  • Simplified Contact us form
  • Removed "Extract" option for shared media files 
  • Removed attach form "File"

Notable fixes:

  • User names were not always displayed properly in the chat window
  • App crash after system language change  


Secure Chat 3.5.0 will be available to all users starting 01.12.2020 . For more information on this version of the chat, please visit our Release Notes page.

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