Secure Chat 3.6.0 brings several long-awaited improvements and new features that greatly enhance the Group Chat experience. Additionally, there are notable stability and performance improvements in the chat application.

Release highlights

Cancel Group Chat invites  

The Group Chat feature allows users to create chat rooms with up to 30 participants. Sending out these many invites simultaneously is not easy, and users might end up sending invites to contacts they did not initially intend to add to the chat room. These mistakes can be easily reverted, as users can now cancel group chat invites from the chat room Settings menu. 

Cancel Group Chat invites  

Improved message deliverability 

Delivering the right information at the right time is critical for our users, and we know that. The latest version of the chat app addresses an issue the which prevented offline users from receiving messages when they go back online. 

Secure Group Chat

Other improvements: 

  • Clear Security Lock field after a failed attempt 
  • Enhanced stability and performance


Secure Chat 3.6.0 will be available to all users starting 01.02.2021 . For more information on this version of the chat, please visit our Release Notes page.

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