Secure Chat 3.7.0 brings significant improvements to group chat messaging, group chat room management, and PGP Chat. Additionally, the integration between Secure Chat and Secure Vault is greatly enhanced, allowing users to seamlessly save multiple messages and attachments to the encrypted file container.

Release highlights

First message in PGP Chat serves as a contact request

PGP Chat saw fast adoption among users as it enabled them to break out from our secure communication ecosystem and freely communicate with users on other PGP email clients. To better facilitate this communication, Secure Chat 3.7.0 now parses messages from unknown email addresses as new contact requests. In practice, this means that users will never miss PGP emails sent from contacts that are currently not on their contact list.

Secure Chat 3.7 PGP Contact

Clear chat history in PGP Chat

Leaving no trace of highly confidential conversations is vital for security and privacy. For that reason, PGP Chat now supports the option to clear entire PGP conversations from the user's device and our servers.

Secure Chat 3.7 PGP Clear CHat

Important: We have no control over the recipient's device and the server setup of the company that provided the device. We can only guarantee that the messages are deleted on our end.

Improved Group Chat management

Group chat owners now have full control over chat rooms. They can easily assign a new owner, leave and delete the entire conversation, or leave and transfer the group administration to a new group owner. Additionally, all group chat participants are notified when a new member is added or removed from the conversation, ensuring full transparency among peers.

Secure Chat 3.7 Group

Other improvements: 

  • Multiselect messages and save to Secure Vault in Group Chat
  • Save attachments to Secure Vault
  • Multiselect and forward messages in P2P Chat
  • Disabled features from SAS are removed from the user interface


Secure Chat 3.7.0 will be available to all users starting 01.03.2021. For more information on this version of the chat, please visit our Release Notes page.

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