Secure Chat 3.8.0 introduces increased Push-to-talk duration, expanding Group Chat Admin messages for enhanced anonymity and adds new ways to rename Shared Media

Release highlights

Push-to-Talk audio messages increased to 60 seconds

For the people who have lots to say, Push-to-Talk messages became an integral part of their day-to-day communications. The maximum length of the PTT messages has been increased to allow for a more fluid experience. Instead of splitting and parsing their messages into smaller parts, users can now put their thoughts into words with the hold of a single button.

Invitation Accepted@2x

Enhancing Group Chat Admin Notifications

We are improving, even further, the way Group Chat messages are managed and the way Owners are interacting with them. Of course Anonymity is one of the main focuses that we will continue to concentrate and this new feature is not an exception. Now, Owners of a Group can invite new members to it whiteout displaying the Username to other participants in the group, if the latter have not exchanged Invitations with the new invitee. 


New, easy way to rename Shared Media

Lost in all the pics and images you received? We're introducing a new, fast and easy to use way for renaming all the shared files and media. Users will now be able to remove the default name of any received file and replace it with a text of their choice upon Saving to Vault.

Save Vault and Rename@2x

Other improvements: 

  • You can now access easily your Account Settings by clicking on your name/email from the Navigation Drawer.
  • Generating, changing and updating your Avatars is now faster then ever. 
  • Simplifying the Conversation Dialog menu when long-tapping on a conversation by removing the "Encrypted Message" option - the latter is simply available when your short-tap !
  • You can now quick-scroll to the last or the first unread message


Secure Chat 3.8.0 will be available to all users starting 31.05.2021. For more information on this version of the chat, please visit our Release Notes page.

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