Secure Chat 3.2.1 mainly addresses communication issues created due to the newly introduced self-hosted instances for Master Distributors, ensuring users will have a smooth bug-free experience. The new version also introduces much greater in-app camera capabilities and a redesigned flow for messages with TTL (time-to-live).


Greater In-app Camera Capabilities

As multiple users signaled us that they were unable to use the camera when taking photos of documentations or other images that require a higher quality of detail. This feedback indicated that it was time to rethink the in-app camera capabilities.

Our developers took great effort to ensure all functionalities requested by users will be present. The new 3.2.1 version of Secure Chat lets users zoom, manually focus, toggle the flash on or off, or switch between front and back camera effortlessly.

Revised Messages Time-to-Live Functionality

We’ve decided to survey the use of the FYEO (for-your-eyes-only) and TTL (time-to-live) functionalities of our messages. It turned out that, contrary to our initial beliefs, most people were using only the FYEO mode for highly private communication, and were setting TTL just as retention rule for all outgoing messages.

To align the functionalities with the need of users, we now allow to save, copy, or forward messages with a set time to live.

Optimized Communication Between Different Network Instances

Since recently, every master distributor of our solutions operates their own self-hosted instances for higher infrastructure security. Due to this, different users are assigned different domains, and respectively use the network instances of different distributors. This caused some bugs in the communication between users of different distributor network instances.

Our Q&A and development teams were actively engaged in finding and eliminating all issues, occurring due to the new technical flow. All problems, such as the inability to see a call screen, receive group chat invites, send a contact request, or initialize a file transfer, are now addressed and operating flawlessly.

Bug Fixes

In Secure Chat 3.2.1, we’ve also addressed other issues and bugs that were reported by our users and partners. We fixed the problems, causing unexpected app crashes after changing the account password or when starting the application. We’ve also addressed the issue of suspended users having all the functionalities of Secure Chat, to support partners and their businesses.

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