In Secure Chat 3.3.0, we’re focusing on optimizing the group chat messaging, improving the user experience of our encrypted calls, simplifying contact management, and enhancing the information experience. Among our focus areas are also better video recording capabilities and fixing some flows of the integration with Secure Vault (encrypted mobile file storage). We also managed to address all of the bugs reported by partners and their users.


Secure Group Chat: Improved Functionalities

Our team puts a lot of energy into optimizing the encrypted group chat function because it’s one of the unique features that our users leverage in their secure mobile communication.

Version 3.3.0 introduces the copy and forward functionalities, which users are used to from the standard, non-secure group chat applications. We’ve also removed the presence notification as it didn’t introduce great benefit for the users, and replaced it with an online indicator and a last seen status. The improvement provides more practical information.

A lot of our users have stated problems with the group chat invitations. The flows are now optimized. Some minor bugs are also addressed alongside a few extreme cases that were causing app crashes.

Secure Chat 3.3.0 increases the security of users’ data as it now; once a user leaves a group chat, the device deletes all data from the chat. The flow ensures the information that the communicating peers were sharing with the one who left is not accessible to anyone outside the group chat.

Encrypted Calls: Strengthened User Experience

Speaking with customers, we understood that many of our users are multitasking on their mobile security devices while having an encrypted call. Because of this way of usage, in this version of Secure Chat, we focused on introducing an experience allowing effortless navigation between an ongoing encrypted call and other functionalities. Minimizing a video call automatically switches it to a voice one, to increase users' privacy.

In Secure Chat 3.3.0, we’ve also made missed calls notifications more aligned with users' needs and fixed some bugs causing the loudspeaker to turn on.

Optimized Integration with Vault

As Secure Vault serves as users’ encrypted file storage and secure file manager, we’re actively optimizing the experience it offers in integration with our other applications for secure mobile communication.

Saved chat conversations in Secure Vault are now more organized and offer users greater visibility and easier navigation. We found that the “Save to vault” option for media files was available even before receiving a transferred file, so we also addressed this problem to avoid confusion.

Easier Contact Management

In version 3.3.0 of Secure Chat, we also focused on contact management as we’ve noticed the active usage of the functionalities. Shared contacts now also provide a fast call option directly in the chat. Mute icons for faster operability are also now visible next to teach contact in the roster for all users.

Our team has also optimized the editing contact functionalities and fixed some minor bugs with them. Notifications are simplified as excessive ones were cut off.

Greater Information Experience

We updated the error, system, and notification messages to present the user with more concise information. Features descriptions were also revised to provide rich information more clearly. As part of the improved information experience in Secure Chat 3.3.0, we’ve also optimized the notification flows.

Video Recording Capabilities

To standardize the recording maximal video length to what users are used to, we’ve increased it from 28 seconds to 30. In landscape mode, the camera times were also cropped, so we’ve addressed the issue. Secure Chat 3.3.0 also offers notification when the camera sensor is disabled on an admin level for privacy reasons to avoid user confusion.

Bug Fixes

As always, our partners' feedback and idea management portal helped us resolve all the bugs that users reported. We’ve addressed some native crashes and reconnection issues that were caused in extreme cases. Our team has fixed the issue with the push-to-talk bug, where the bubble didn’t shrink after the recording was over. Problems with the newly introduced multi-select mode for messages were also resolved effectively. The laggy image zoom in and out function on X1 devices was also fixed alongside minor UI bugs that users reported.

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