Secure Chat 3.3.1 addresses the two issues which were introduced due to our large scale update in Secure Chat 3.3.0. In it, we made some significant changes to the voice menu and general behavior of the app during calls.


Enhanced availability and improved battery life

After working closely with our partners and their customers, we quickly realized that battery consumption has increased on the devices and noticed some complaints regarding online users not being able to call each other. Our team of talented QAs and developers went to work and, together with the Partner Success Team, isolated the two issues, which turned out to be related. During a change in the data connection type between Wi-Fi and mobile, the phone would trigger reconnection to the voice servers; in some scenarios, these actions would loop, causing the voice functionality to go offline and draining the battery at the same time.

Thanks to the close relationship with our partners, and the tireless efforts of all the teams involved, the clients will now enjoy and bug-free experience and increased performance.

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