Secure Chat 3.4.1 introduces an updated and simplified user interface, new auto generated user avatars, and optimized battery consumption. Additionally, there are notable improvements in the group chat and contact management functionalities of the application, giving users greater control over group chat rooms and contact requests.

Release highlights

Updated and simplified user interface

The new design of Secure Chat offers a cleaner and more modern design, and it is just the first step in introducing additional UI customisation options, that will allow our partners to personalise the look and feel of the chat app based on the needs and preferences of their customers.

Secure_Chat_3.4.1 - UI Update@2x

Auto generated user avatars

In a total unison with the new design of Secure Chat, the auto generated user avatars bring a more unique look and feel to the chat app, and allow users who don’t want to use a photo as a profile picture to chose from an endless pool of privacy oriented avatars.

Secure_Chat_3.4.1 - Identicons@2x

Optimized battery consumption

The new version introduces several improvements in the reconnection algorithms of the app, that allow for faster and seamless reconnection. These improvements also result in notable improvements of the battery life of all devices running Secure Chat.

Secure_Chat_3.4.1 - Battery@2x

Other improvements: 

  • Transfer group chat ownership to another participant
  • Delete and block contacts
  • Decline and block contacts from sending further invites
  • Manage blocked contacts from Settings

Notable fixes:

  • Photo of a deleted contact is also deleted
  • Glitches when the user receives a message while scrolling the chat history in a group chat
  • Contact list not loading when data connection is interrupted during setup
  • Group chat invite isn’t sent to users who are offline


Secure Chat 3.4.1 will be available to all users starting 25.08.2020 . For more information on this version of the chat, please visit our Release Notes page.

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