Secure chat 4.0.0 introduces anonymity for group chats, improved camera capabilities, typing indicator as well as multiple  convenience improvements.

Release highlights

Group Chat Anonymity

A long awaited Group Chat feature, participants will no longer be able to see the email of people which they don’t have in their roster, additionally they also won’t see their availability  status. Meaning that as long as someone is not in your contact list, he won't receive any details about you while you participate in the same Group Chat as them.

Secure_Chat_4.0 – 1@2x



Saving  files from “Shared Media & Files” directly to the Vault

Missed saving a file and now you have to scroll through the chat to pinpoint it? Our new feature of saving files directly from “Shared Media & Files” directly to your Vault, provides a solution to this inconvenience, you are now able to easily backup files lost in the conversation history.

Secure_Chat_4.0 – 2@2x

Typing awareness indicator

Being aware that someone has seen your message and has read it is one thing. But it’s important to know whether or not the person you are talking to is giving a reply. The typing indicator addresses this scenario.

Other improvements: 

  • You are now able to share files to your contacts directly from your Vault.
  • Auto-scroll to the first unread messages when opening a chat.
  • Secure chat is automatically locked upon Device lock.
  • New messages button, for when you are scrolling through the chat and you receive new messages.


Secure Chat 4.0.0 will be available to all users starting 24.08.2021. For more information on this version of the chat, please visit our Release Notes page.

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