The new version of Secure Chat offers users many new and exciting features, including the ability to select and save multiple text messages and media files to Secure Vault, simplified presence statuses and more.

SecureChat_3.1.0SECURE CHAT copy

Save Multiple Messages and Media Files

One of the most requested features was to make it possible to save multiple text messages from Secure Chat to Secure Vault simultaneously. Now whenever you choose to save a message to Secure Vault, a multiple select option will be presented, allowing you to select more than one message before you save them. They will be saved as a single note file in Secure Vault, which is quite convenient because you no longer have to save important messages one by one.

When saving multiple media files, they will be imported as individual files in Secure Vault. It is important to mention that in order to have the multiple select option available in Secure Chat when saving the files and messages, you need to have installed the compatible version of Secure Vault that supports the new feature.

Simplified Presence Statuses

We have also implemented a simplified presence status. Your contacts will now appear "Online" when they are connected to the secure infrastructure, and "Last Seen" will show the last time the user was connected. Simplifying the presence statuses allows for more streamlined connectivity, unobstructed user interface, and better overall user experience.

Custom Camera

You will now be able to use a custom camera when sending a photo or making a new profile picture, instead of a default Android camera application. Utilizing a custom camera interface in Secure Chat greatly increases the overall security of your communication, optimizes the quality of your photos and videos, as well as provides faster performance and clean, unobstructed user experience.


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