The latest Secure Chat hotfix is intended to remediate two significant issues related to the application's security and group chat management.

Enhanced Security

Now the users with a suspended subscription will not be able to make and receive calls, thanks to better communication between the application and our servers.

The nature of the initially reported critical issue was that accounts whose subscription was suspended on the server side were still able to make outgoing and receive incoming voice calls. Needless to say, this posed a significant security threat to the overall integrity of our services and needed to be addressed with diligence.

After the extensive research and source code optimization, we made sure that Secure Chat and all its components maintain a streamlined communication with the back end systems, ensuring that any updates to the account are promptly synchronized and reflected accurately on the device.

Improved Group Chat Management

The users will now be able to receive the group chat invitations sent when they were offline. This is a second major issue that was causing our users an inconvenient experience.

What our users noticed is that when sending a group chat invitation to a user who was offline at the time when the said invitation was initially sent, the user in question never received the invitation after becoming online. To make the matter even worse, it was technically impossible to send the invitation again and the owner of the original group chat had to establish a brand new group chat.

After the refactoring and splitting the application’s core library into easily manageable components, we were able to improve the group chat module of Secure Chat, which should prevent such unwanted behaviors from appearing again.


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