Built specifically for the next generation of secure mobile devices, Secure Chat 3.2.0 offers enhanced communication security, privacy improvements, new features, and many fixed annoyances.


Optimization for the Next Generation of Secure Mobile Devices

The latest version of Secure Chat was specifically tailor-made for our new flagship products, namely the X1 and X2 secure mobile devices, as well as the upcoming release of the new Secure OS 3.0.0. This involved changing the application's UI elements, texts, and graphics in order to accommodate the large 5.5" and 5.9" screens of X1 and X2 respectively. 

Optimization, however, is not only for designers, as our team of developers spent a lot of effort improving the application's internal architecture in order to benefit from a much faster quad-core 1.3GHz processor of X1 and an octa-core 2.0GHz processor of X2, ensuring a lightning-fast speed of performance.

Enhanced Communication Security

We are continuously improving the application's capabilities by improving the existing checks and launching checks for more classes of security vulnerability. We always test the application to determine if a variety of vulnerabilities are present and if we find something concerning, our R&D department flags it to our developers and then helps them to remedy the situation.

This time around, certain modifications were made to Secure Chat and our mobile device management Secure Administration System (SAS) platform, in order to ensure that the entire ecosystem supports sending and receiving of encrypted messages only, providing our clients with absolute privacy.

Save Multiple Messages and Media Files from a Group Chat

Now, whenever you choose to save a message from a group chat to Secure Vault, a multiple select option will be presented, allowing you to select more than one message before you save them.

They will be saved as a single note file in Secure Vault, which is quite convenient because you no longer have to save important messages one by one. When saving multiple media files, they will be imported as individual files in Secure Vault.

Improved Application Stability

In a continuous effort to provide greater value to our clients, we are always engaged in optimizing the application’s source code, which results in faster performance and better communication between application components, Secure OS, and our servers. 

Thanks to the feedback from our users and extensive internal test runs, the latest release of Secure Chat contains stability improvements, ensuring a smooth user experience when using the application.

Notable Improvements

Secure Chat 3.2.0 also features the following notable improvements:

  • Deleted messages are now marked with an appropriate notification on both the recipient's and sender's devices.
  • Extreme notifications: Users will now be able to enable the device's LED flashlight to act as an indicator for extreme notifications. When enabled, the light will flash every 20 seconds for 10 minutes.


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