The latest release of Secure Chat focuses on backend improvements, providing for better stability and a better user experience. Joining Secure Email, Secure Chat also sports the “new look” icon that’s rolling out across the range of Secure Pack apps.

Notable fixes:

  • The most common problem users experienced was with contact profile pictures. These included occasional crashes when adding contacts with photos, problems with displaying the contacts’ photo and updating photos. Well, that's in the past.
  • Two major network reconnection issues were also dealt with. Changing networks between wireless to cellular, or an interruption to network connectivity, logged users out of the chat service and at times caused the chat app to crash. With this update, Secure Chat users will enjoy seamless connectivity, switching between data networks.
  • “Do Not Save History” mode was not doing what the name implied. This too has been addressed. Now if a user elects not to save chat history, the conversation will be instantly deleted when the chat session is closed.
  • Last but not least, Secure Chat would crash once, after a Secure Backup restoration of chat history. No longer.

Version 1.11.5 of Secure Chat is now available on SAS and Google Play.