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We’re pleased to announce a major upgrade to Secure Chat. Version 2.0 is the biggest upgrade to date, adding voice and video calling, and introducing Group Chat feature.

Read on!

  • Chat and Voice

One of the big-ticket items this release is the merging of chat, voice and video into the one intuitive app. One place to text and call and much easier switching between communication methods makes Secure Chat 2.0 a pleasure to use.

The consolidated contacts view has also been redesigned, so apart from the benefit of not having to manage one set of contacts and another of favourites, getting to contacts through the new UI design is a single tap away. All your favorite contacts are now presented with their avatars on top and you can swipe both directions to find quickly one.


Also, we've added the option to share contacts in P2P chats, so you can now easily exchange contact vcard and connect other Secure Chat users.



  • Group Chat, encrypted end-to-multi end

Group chat can now accommodate up to 30 participants, with elevated privileges for chat administrators. Delegation and distribution of administrative functions allow designated admins to add and remove members at any time.


Existing chat features such as PIN protected chats, chat history management, and mute notifications also apply to group chat.

Significantly, group chat is fully secured with encryption down to every user node. Using the OMEMO protocol Secure Chat also allows messages to be synchronized securely across multiple participants, regardless of their online status.

Importantly, OMEMO provides Forward Secrecy, which protects all conversations against any future compromise of private keys. This is accomplished by layering an additional unique session key, for every chat that is initiated.

Last but certainly not least, Secure Chat 2.0 is the most stable version we have ever released with more than 20 improvements and bug fixes.  

Version 2.0 of Secure Chat is now available on SAS and Google Play.