We’ve always tried to keep behind the scenes the complex encryption processes that guarantee secure communications to our users and only present security solutions that are easy and intuitive to use. In another step towards that goal, Secure Group is excited to introduce Security Locka single passcode for app lock and data encryption that unifies the flow for our flagship applications. It makes its big debut in Secure Chat v2.1.0, and will soon be incorporated in Secure Email and other major applications on Secure Phone.

Secure Chat 2.1.0.jpg


Security Lock: New password flow

In Secure Chat, Security Lock replaces the Security Password that was used for database encryption and to unlock the app. The difference between the two is that setting the Security Lock password is now mandatory and part of the initial app setup.

Setting Security Lock is a mandatory step of the initial app setup.

New users will be asked to set their Security Lock right after signing in. After updating to the new version, existing users will need to re-encrypt the app database. As this is an important change, please refer to the Secure Group Support website for help and more info.


Significantly reduced data usage

We’ve been working on app data usage optimization for some time now, and we are more than proud to present you the results. We’ve managed to reduce Secure Chat data usage by 50% and 10% in Idle and Active mode, respectively. To save data, video messages are now limited to 30 seconds in length and up to 25 MB in size. 


Vault: Encrypted container for sensitive info

Updating the Chat app on Secure Phone will make visible a few new features, like "Save to Vault" and "Attach from Vault". To use them, you need to have the Vault app installed on your Secure Phone. 

Attach from Vault

Vault is our newest app for Secure Phone, an encrypted data container with an integrated note editor. It allows you not only to create encrypted notes but also to quickly save the content of a text message as an encrypted note, that can be edited subsequently. Also, in Vault, you can keep all your sensitive information encrypted, including photos and videos sent through Secure Chat.

Version 2.1.0 of Secure Chat is now available on SAS and Google Play. The Vault app is available on SAS for beta testing. 


For more info, please see the release notes.