The new version of Secure Chat is finally here! We can proudly say that it is one of the most significant releases in the past few months as it is focused on stability and fine-tuning. Version 2.1.2 brings critical bug fixes in the area of data and battery consumption and self-destructing messages.


Auto-login always on for quick and easy access

To bypass logging out Secure Chat users on each update, the auto-login feature is now always enabled. The option has been removed from the Settings menu and can’t be turned off. This makes possible skipping the account password and  accessing the app only by entering your Security Lock. This new login flow logically leads to changes in the logout mechanism and the interface. The Logout button has been moved from the navigation drawer to the Account Settings menu which makes more sense as it’s usually used when changing accounts.

Energy and data efficiency

In the past month, users have been experiencing excessive background data consumption while establishing a secure connection. As Secure Chat requires a constant connection to a cellular network, this issue has been negatively impacting the battery performance of the device. The problem has been traced to the looping exchange of OTR keys in case of an unstable internet connection, and it is now fixed.

Fine-tuned self-destructing messages

Secure Chat is known for its flexible history management options among which the most popular and frequently used is For Your Eyes Only (FYEO). With this update, it has been refined and now does its job perfectly. As the name suggests, the messages sent using the mode are intended for nobody else but the recipient. That’s why it’s no longer possible to copy, forward or save received FYEO messages. Also, the previous version allowed FYEO messages to be seen in the preview pane after their expiration period. This might harm your privacy, and we addressed it with this new release.

Sharing contacts workflow improved

Secure Chat users are now able to interact with shared vCards the same way as they do with their messages: they can edit, copy, or forward them. Also, we eliminated a bug which prevented contact sharing in hidden chats.

More stable group chat

With this release, we stabilized the Group Chat feature of Secure Chat. Some users experienced strange app behavior where participants were kicked out from the group after tapping the group name, and the group reverted to its former name as soon as the owner went offline. In addition, group chat sessions were sometimes duplicated and users couldn’t send invitations during reconnection.


Secure Chat 2.1.2 brings fixes for all these issues and more. Please refer to the release notes to see the full list. To summarize, with this release you’ll get a stable and perfectly working Secure Chat that guarantees the privacy of your chat and voice communication.