The new release of Secure Chat makes possible adding contacts from multiple sources to the app’s contact list and keeping them all organized in one place.Secure Chat v2.2.0

Unified address book

With your contact list constantly growing, you need a tool that allows you to manage this information easily and quickly. We knew that many of you, our users, found it difficult and time-consuming to manage separate contact lists for Secure Email and Secure Chat. Although both apps allow encrypted communication between fellow Secure Group users, a contact saved in Secure Email, for example, didn’t get stored in Secure Chat automatically. You had to add it manually or copy paste it. Until now.

With the latest releases, we’ve unified the contact flow for both apps to make it possible adding Secure Email contacts, as well as contacts from other email apps, to the Secure Chat’s contact list. Each contact you add through Secure Email now gets stored in Secure Chat, and will automatically receive an invitation to connect on Secure Chat too.

Each contact you add through Secure Email gets stored in Secure Chat, and will automatically receive an invitation to connect on Secure Chat too.

As Secure Chat follows the security concept of only allowing communication between approved and consenting users, external contacts, as well as the pending ones, will be reachable via Secure Email only. Also, there are new contact status icons to let you know at first sight who is available to chat, and who can be reached only via email.

Non-Secure Chat contacts can only be reached via email.


Redesigned account settings

The Account Settings menu has been redesigned to provide faster access to all the user-specific settings, including the Change Account Password option and the Log Out button, so you can quickly change accounts.

Redesigned Account Settings

Security improvements

With each release, our main goal is to make our product as secure as possible and eliminate even the smallest issues that can threaten user privacy. In Secure Chat v2.2.0, we refined our message preview future to get turned off when you’re in “Do Not Save History” mode and fixed a few bugs related to the speakerphone mode and the app’s auto-launch feature. For full details, please check the release notes.  



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