We have just released a hotfix for Secure Chat that resolves a number of important issues on top of the previous version, delivering greater convenience.

Secure Chat v2.2.1

We received feedback that some of our users experienced reconnection problems and were unable to log in to the app after a manual logout. Secure Chat v2.2.1 resolves these troubles, allowing for seamless reconnection and, thus, better user experience.

Our users also reported that the Incoming Call screen was not visible at all times. As a result, they had no other option but to manage incoming calls via the notifications at the top of the screen. Since making secure voice calls is one of the app’s most used features, we handle any issue hampering its effective use with a priority.

The new release further fixes an issue related to the opening and playback of saved media files. Users were able to play PPT messages, and view photos and videos received as attachments, but after saving the files, could not open them.


As a company focused on delivering exceptional user experience, we are continuously trying to improve the quality of our products and services. To that end, we rely extensively on your honest feedback. Please visit ideas.securegroup.com to ask any questions you might have or just share your thoughts with us. We highly appreciate your assistance!


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