Today we released Secure Chat 2.3.0. While some changes are visible outright, Secure Chat v2.3.0 offers much more than meets the eye. This update is a major release for stability and performance improvement, with over 20 bug fixes. With faster login, instantaneous switching between tabs, searching and filtering, Secure Chat performs at full speed.  

Secure Chat 2.3.0

The new update was a major fix for some of the most commonly reported problems our users have faced in Secure Chat. The support and development teams of Secure Group have focused on improving customer experience through:

  • Resolving the reconnection issue
  • Restoring the full functionality of file sending (picture, video, ptt)
  • Fixing the problem with the discrepancy between the online and offline statuses
  • Resolving the OTR key exchange
  • Fixing all of the known calling issues
  • Resolving the login loop

Additionally, V2.3.0 comes with a host of new features to improve the app's usability. Secure Chat now allows users to share files stored in Vault using the FYEO and TTL history modes without compromising their privacy. Files, such as photos and videos, disappear after the preset interval expires, and there’s no option for the receiver to forward or save them.

In addition, we have added an option to stop the device from ringing and vibrating at awkward times simply by pressing the Power button or any of the Volume Up/Down keys.

For us, your honest feedback is essential because it's helping us improve the quality, stability, and functionality of our products. We're already eager to hear your thoughts and ideas regarding the release of Secure Chat v2.3.0! 

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