We’re constantly updating our product line to provide consumers not just with the opportunity to secure their privacy but also with a smooth user experience. The new release of Secure Chat v2.3.1 fixes some significant issues you’ve reported contributing to the application’s stability and reliability.

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Switching Devices

We found that users were able to log in with the same Secure Chat account on multiple devices. The new update of the application introduces some major changes in regards to this ability. In Secure Chat v2.3.1., once a user logs in on a second device, they’ll be logged out of the first one. This implementation guarantees you a much higher level of privacy and secures your communication.

Receiving Messages

Until now, during a device reboot or a period when the phone was off, users were not receiving messages. Our support team and developers found out the issue was because Secure Chat did not resume work in the background after this connectivity interruption. After a thorough analysis of the problem, we were able to fix it to boost the application’s performance and increase its reliability. Now, users instantly receive all messages after the device boots up, significantly easing their secure communication.


We’ve had a number of reports on issues regarding the inability to establish connection. Our research on the problem showed that it occurred mostly after a network interruption. The new v2.3.1. addresses the issues and fixes the connectivity problems. Secure Chat is now fully operational and flawlessly establishes a secure connection after a network interruption.

Presence Status of Idle Users

We’ve had many tickets on the issue that while idle the presence status of users was switching from “Online” to “Offline” which prevented consumers from receiving notifications and establishing a reliable connection to the application and its functionalities. Secure Chat v2.3.1. introduces a new presence status called “Away” which both gives the information to other consumers that the user is idle and sends notifications to the user’s device.

Drive Change through Feedback

We’re thankful to our users that they constantly give us feedback on the performance of our devices and applications. This helps us continually improve our solutions, make them more comfortable to navigate and secure your communications without taking away the smooth user experience you’re rightfully expecting. We hope that you’ll continue to open tickets and report bugs to help us polish our product portfolio and build a secure mobile world globally together!