The new version of Secure Email 1.39.0 focuses mainly on addressing problems caused by loss of internet connection or relating to the self-hosted instances for Master Distributors. The new release also expands the options for branding our solutions as white labels.


Resolved Issues with Internet Connection Drop

We’ve addressed numerous issues responsible for disrupting the user experience when the internet connection is lost. The problem was that users were able to perform some of the core functions that require connection to the server to be completed. For example, peers were able to delete emails or move them in different folders, yet the actions were then applied only locally on the device.

To address the problem, and ensure that such user actions are applied on a server level, we’ve made certain functionalities require an established internet connection.

Public Key Fetching

Our newly introduced self-hosted instances for Master Distributors made it possible to significantly increase the security of the infrastructure throughout the partner network. The new architecture also placed users of different distributors on different distributor network instances. This made the technical flows required to carry out information significantly more complex and, respectfully, introduced new bugs and issues.

Fetching of public keys between two communicating peers was one of the core functionalities that was affected, resulting in an inability to exchange the keys between users of different distributor network instances. Our software development team promptly resolved the problem.

Improved White Label Branding Capabilities

Our partner network is the core of our business. To secure our long term success, we’re always there to support our partners with marketing, branding, and technical support.

We constantly aim at increasing the value proposition for organizations looking to white label our products. Additionally to the OS and boot up animation branding, now the default email signature of a user also includes the name of the distributor brand of whom the user is a client.

Additional Bug Fixes

Thanks to the feedback of partners, we also noticed the fact that suspended accounts were not able to log-in Secure Email. Secure Group addressed the problem; now suspended users can log-in but have limited functionalities. The technical flow allows users to contact their distributor or support, to renew the subscription or report a problem.

Also, we’ve addressed a problem that caused disabling and then reenabling the application in our mobile device management platform to make Secure Email not authenticate properly. The issue resulted in users unable to send or receive emails when logging in the application. The bug is now resolved.

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