The release of the X1 custom hardware models has dramatically increased the zero-day-protection and the guaranteed integrity of the secure mobile solutions Secure Group provides.

Secure Email 1.39.1

This was our first attempt at releasing hardware that we’ve designed in-house. It has served us to differentiate our security offering from competitors operating under the questionable BYOD (bring-your-own-device) model. Although the custom hardware served as a competitive advantage, it had its flows that were reported by consumers. The biggest concern was the secure mobile devices battery life, which we investigated more thoroughly and have promptly addressed in the new version of Secure Email 1.39.1.

Optimized Battery Consumption

After rigorous analysis, it turned out that our email app was not architectured as most modern email clients are for security reasons. Secure Email used to constantly sync with the server so that users were able to get real-time updates on newly arriving emails. In contrast, the emails in most modern email clients are pushed from the server to the app, ensuring real-time communication, but also guaranteeing no privacy and security.

Thus, we decided to implement a background sync interval within Secure Email. In version 1.39.1, Secure Email syncs with the server per 5 minutes, fetching all new emails on each sync. This may result in emails being delayed with up to 5 minutes, but greatly reduces the battery consumption of the app.

Control is essential in the cybersecurity industry. Thus, the background sync interval can be enabled and disabled on an admin or user level, based on the admin’s decision. This gives our customers the ability to choose whether they prefer a longer battery life or up-to-the-second precision in email communication.

Easier White-Labeling

Prospects regularly send us requests to white label our mobile security solutions. Such customers are usually looking to join our partner network as distributors.

Secure Group firmly believes that enlarging and strengthening our partner network makes mobile device security more accessible for various segments. Thus, we put great efforts in meeting the requirements of potential partners to ensure more users have their communication data secured. To ease the white-labeling of our solutions, in Secure Email 1.39.1, we’ve given the app a more generic name, that removes Secure Group’s branding.

Bug Fixes

The tickets we receive daily through our partner feedback platform – Idea Box, help us continuously improve and optimize our solutions.

This month, numerous beta users have reported an unexpected “Application Not Responding” error being displayed when launching the app. Our QA team investigated the issue and found that the problem is associated with how Secure Email handles the background sync interval. The bug is resolved, and users can not enjoy a smooth experience.

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