We’re constantly polishing our solutions to offer hassle-free products that guarantee your privacy. However, instead of providing a purely secure solution with military-grade encryption, we’re aiming to present users with a familiar user experience that feels organic and similar to what customers are used to (Android & iOS interface and user journey). This means that we have to continuously improve all our application, operating system, websites, and projects.


Version 1.35.1 of Secure Email is a hotfix that resolves an issue which made some users lose their private encryption keys. The bug was caused due to the new functionality of the app to store customers’ cached public keys and present real-time information on them, rather than updating the data once every 24 hours. The new implementation significantly eases the process of accessing cached public keys for the user but caused a bug that made people lose their private key.

After getting the problem as a ticket, we were able to classify it as a critical issue and get our support and development teams working on it. We managed to resolve it promptly improving the reliability of the application.

We at Secure Group thank you that you take the time to report known issues with our applications and solutions. Your tickets make us raise the bar higher with each day, drive continuous innovation, and build a more competitive product!



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