A good user interface is about more than just pretty graphics and stylish fonts. It’s about all the small details that add up to a professional, compelling brand presence. It’s about creating an application that users look forward to browsing and using.


Redesigned Settings 

Secure Email 1.37.0 now has a lighter and cleaner settings design. The new user interface includes the following enhancements:

  • Relocated primary and secondary email account settings under the Account Settings section.
  • Redesigned dialogue box that prompts the user to enter a new password when their account password has been updated on the backend.

Re-authentication After Password Change

In order to ensure greater security and continuous service, we have also improved the process for re-authenticating when your account password has been manually updated on the backend.

Now, once the device is synced with the server and detects that the account password has been changed, it will prompt the user to enter a new password by showing an informative dialog box. After you successfully enter your new account credentials, the system will sync the new password across all the secure applications.

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