The new version of Secure Email comes packed with new useful features and improvements, including an automated key backup process, as well as automated syncing with Secure Chat contacts, which greatly increase the overall user experience.


Easily backup your private and public keys 

Secure Email will now prompt you to backup your newly created private and public keys. Backing up your keys is very important, because in an event when either of the keys is lost, you will not be able to encrypt or decrypt your incoming and outgoing emails.

For this reason, our UX team has analyzed and improved the current key management flow and implemented the new logic for the backup suggestion to be initiated as soon as the key pair is successfully created.


Automated key backup

Rest assured that Secure Email will safely backup your public and private keys even in case of network disruptions. Once you initiate the backup process, it runs in the background while you keep using the application. During this crucial time, in case a network connection is interrupted for one reason or another, the backup would previously fail and no further attempts would be made by the application to save the keys.

This has now been improved and in case of connectivity loss, Secure Email will automatically reinitiate the backup of your private and public keys once the Internet connection has been established.


Automated syncing with Secure Chat contacts

Secure Email will now also be able to automatically import and sync your contacts from Secure Chat. In preparation for the upcoming release of the new version of Secure OS, Secure Chat will act as a primary application for storing your contacts. Secure Email will be communicating directly with Secure Chat and automatically importing and syncing your current contacts.


Enhanced application stability

The latest release of Secure Email contains stability improvements, ensuring a smooth user experience when composing an email or adding a contact to Favorites.

Since we are constantly striving to improve and innovate, we depend on your feedback to help shape how our products and services evolve. Please follow the link below to share your thoughts and ask any questions you might have.



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