The latest Secure Email hotfix is intended to remediate two significant issues related to the application's ability to restore the backed up security keys and use of custom contact details.

Secure Email_v1.38.2

Restoring Backed Up Security Keys

One of the major issues was that Security Email could not restore the backed up encryption keys successfully from the server. This behavior was reproduced in our lab, and a solution was implemented into the latest build. Now, whenever you back up both your private and public keys, you can rest assured that you will be able to restore them in the future, should the circumstances require it.

Custom Contact Details

Another issue was related to the custom details you might assign to your contacts, for example, their name. Naturally, when you send and/or receive an email to/from such a contact, the application should reflect the appropriate name you have assigned to this contact. Instead, the application was fetching the contact details as specified by the other party, causing confusion amongst our users. Our team was able to remediate this issue as well so that you can be sure you have the full control when it comes to managing your contacts.


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