The new default configuration of Secure Email pushes the mail transport functions to the background, resulting in dramatic improvements in responsiveness of email, no matter where you are, or what the speed of your network might be.

In Secure Email we have also introduced the first new app icon revealing the new look for Secure Groups range of products.

The relentless pursuit of annoying bugs continues. We happily report on 3 nuisances that have been squashed.

  • A bug existed that wouldn't allow users to select the System Default Language in Email settings. Fixed!
  • The App lock setting controls the default idle time, before Secure Email requires a password to open again. In certain cases the idle timeout exceeded the configured value. Fixed.
  • Lastly, when opening messages, the decryption process caused raw HTML to be displayed to the receiver. Also fixed.

Version 1.31.3 of Secure Email is now available on Google Play.