Secure Email v1.32.0

Secure Email has undergone a bit of a revamp, with a redesigned inbox, updated inbox views, and new tabs for quick access to Contacts and Favorites. The new release should also satisfy numerous user requests to change the default app synchronization behavior.  

Read on for details!

  • Inbox redesigned

The new Inbox interface makes light work of accessing contacts and favorites and composing new emails. Three tabs provide quick access your inbox, contacts, and favorites, and tapping on contact from this view will automatically start new message composition, with the contact details prepopulated. 

New tabs for quick access to your inbox, contacts, and favorites

The default inbox settings have also been changed to viewing messages by “Thread”. Existing preferences are not altered, however launching Secure Mail for the first time will adopt the application default. 

So what’s threaded view? All messages from all folders, including sent and drafts, appear in one folder. A “Thread” is a collection of emails with the same subject. When opening an email, all related messages are listed in chronological order, with the most recent displayed in full, along with action buttons to reply, reply all, and forward.

Threaded view

For traditionalists, who prefer to have email separated into folders, “Classic” view is a few taps away in settings. 

  • Contacts refined

Editing contacts is now easier than ever with the edit and delete functions accessed through a long press on any given contact. The edit contact screen has also been decluttered by removing the Middle Name and Nickname fields.

Long press menu

  • Sync settings changed

We also managed a few much-requested changes to the sync settings. All contacts including favorites are now synced with the server, the “Periodic folders sync” option has been removed, and the app has been set to “Always sync”.

For more info please see the release notes. Version 1.32.0 of Secure Email is now available on Google Play.