To further our efforts in delivering a consistent, unified user experience across our secure applications, today we introduce Security Lock to Secure Email. You will no more have to juggle dozens of different and complex passwords to make sure your privacy is protected.

Secure Email v.1.33.0

App lock and encryption with a single password

Security Lock, which was first implemented in Secure Chat and Secure Vault, is an application-specific passcode that enables secure access to your account and the data and resources stored in your app.

Today, we’re bringing it to Secure Email, and this is where it makes the biggest difference as it replaces two previously used passwords: the app lock and the Key Word. Instead, the Security Lock now serves to unlock the app, encrypt and decrypt emails, and even get access to all keys from all your accounts. 

Enter your Security Lock to encrypt/decrypt emails quickly

Greatly improved contact management

With the latest versions of Secure Email (v1.33.0) and Secure Chat (v2.2.0), you will be able to take advantage of our new unified address book. From now on, when you attempt to add or edit a contact, Secure Email will redirect you to Secure Chat where all the contact information will be stored.

The new, unified address book

Each new contact added through Secure Email will receive an invitation to connect on Secure Chat too. Secure Chat users, on the other hand, can send emails (encrypted or not) to all their contacts, including ones from third-party apps. 

With the new version, it is easier to save as a contact someone who has sent you an email, as Secure Email prefills the contact information the moment you choose the "Save to Contacts" option. Also, the "Add Contact" form has been cleaned up, and now you need to provide only the email address; you can optionally enter a name or an avatar.

You can quickly add contacts to your address book by entering only their email address.

Fixed issues 

The new release also includes fixes to several issues. The most noticeable one is the excessive background data usage upon reconnection. There are also improvements in the app’s remote wipe feature, message preview logic, and locking mechanism. For detailed information about all changes, please refer to the Secure Email 1.33.0 release notes.



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