Today we've released a new version of Secure Email that focuses mainly on the user experience and introduces updates that make the interactions with the application much more intuitive and seamless.

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User Backups

With this update of Secure Email, we have added an option for the user to create a backup of the app’s settings and their private encryption keys. The backup is stored locally on the device or/and on the SAS so that users are able to restore their app in case of device wipe or change.

Users can now restore their private key(s) and the app's settings after a device wipe or change.

User-Friendly Reply Option

Also, the new version includes one highly-requested new feature – the option to reply without including previous thread messages. The “Quote previous message” is located in the reply’s additional settings and is enabled by default. Therefore, to avoid long reply threads, a user should simply uncheck it when replying.

We have also revised the email encoding formats - “Partition PGP” is now the default format for encrypted emails, because it is widely used and backwards compatible. “No HTML” is also supported and can be selected from the Additional settings menu.

A new "Quote previous messages" option when sending emails


All of these updates are aimed at making the user's experience better with Secure Phone. Make sure your secure apps are up-to-date to enjoy enhanced features, better compatibility, and improved stability of your encrypted device.



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