For us, at Secure Group, it’s not only important to offer you solutions that guarantee your privacy. We aim to deliver you the highest possible level of security without compromising the user experience and functionalities. The new version of Secure Email introduces some major improvement for the app’s performance and usability and addresses significant issues reported during in the last months.

Secure Email v1.35.0


Additional Layers of Protection

We are continuously working towards providing users with more and more layers of security that guarantee the privacy of their data and communication with the goal to build a privacy-centered mobile network.

The new version also introduces the ability to hide sensitive content from the notifications you receive. This functionality adds an additional layer of security to the application. After enabling the option (Secure Phone’s Settings>Notifications>When Device is Locked>Hide Sensitive Information) it’ll hide all sensitive content from your notifications making it impossible for anyone even to take a “ sneak peek” at your communication.

Increased Speed and Optimized Performance

We have increased the sending speed by reducing the amount of data generated when sending emails up to 7 times! This way the application will perform much faster and your communication will not only be secured but also much faster, reliable, and effective.

To increase the ease of usage of the application and further reduce the time it takes users to send and read emails, Secure Email v1.35.0 introduces a simpler authentication process. When entering the generated key, you can select a time interval for which you’ll be using the app without the need for additional authentication through Security Lock. The default option is set to “Wait until the app is restarted”, making it much simpler, easier, and seamlessly faster to browse your inbox, read, and send emails.

Smoother User Experience

We’re constantly striving to offer users a better experience and ease of usability. The new version of the PGP-encrypted Secure Email comes with a cleaner design allowing users to navigate around the app more seamlessly. The Contacts and Favorites tabs were removed (hidden) from your Inbox. The contact list is still available when composing an email and can be accessed from the Navigation Drawer. This way the application keeps a viable functionality while simplifying the user experience.

Another significant improvement is the implemented ability to update the cached public keys of your contacts. This way you’ll be able to easily refresh the data if a user’s key pair is updated. The new feature allows better communication between peers and makes the user experience significantly smoother.

Bug Fixes

Secure Email V1.35.0 also introduces some major bug fixes that you helped us find and resolve through reporting the issues:

  • Fixed an issue which prompted users to enter their Security Lock twice when trying to send a Log File attached from Secure Chat. Users can now send Log Files without having to input an extra password.
  • Users are now able to change their Display name in Account Settings, after finding out the problem was caused because the information was not being updated after making the change.
  • Resolved a problem which caused Secure Email to crash after starting the “Compose” activity from outside the app. This bug fix also addresses the inability to send a support email from the Contact Us form in Secure Chat.
  • Fixed an issue which made the application crash after trying to open an attachment when the Default Path was changed.
  • When requesting a delivery receipt senders will no longer receive 3 emails confirming the delivery. The new version addresses this bug and will now send you a single email.

Continue Building the Secure World of Tomorrow

Our goal is to facilitate a secure global network where the privacy of everyone will be guaranteed. Innovation by innovation we’re getting closer to that and manage to continuously improve our products, build additional security features, offer smoother user experience and resolve bugs no matter how complex they’re to fix.

Secure Group thanks you for standing on the side of security and choosing to support the development of privacy-centered technology through using our products, reporting issues, and giving some astonishing ideas towards the development of our products. Let’s reshape the world together and make it a place where everyone’s communications and personal life are absolutely private and off the reach of hackers and centralised organisations.