Secure Group would like to thank everyone who came out to visit us at the Canadian Wireless Tradeshow. We had an excellent time and an excellent turnout. Thanks so much for the support given to our new ventures and existing products alike. 



Our new Secure Phone wa received well, and many questions asked. We'll be filling in the blanks further on our site, via the knowledgebase and upcoming blogs/articles.


The days may be growing shorter, but the workday keeps growing. The tradeshow was only the beginning. New products, improvements to our products and our client portal, knowledge-base improvements, and much more are all keeping us busy and out of any trouble other than figuring out how to get away from our desks. We are launching a new ad campaign shortly, along with more and more content on our site and blog. We're kicking this season off in high form and hope you'll join us for the journey! Stay tuned for the next event, and help us finish this year off in style, and make 2015 our best yet.


Thanks Everyone!

Your Support Team