Secure Group’s partner network continues to expand. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the websites of two companies that recently joined our ranks: Secure Com World and Secret Holder. You can check out their region-specific offerings and submit any inquiries directly to them.

Secure Group launches partner websites for Secure Com World, Secret Holder

As a company that has embraced a channel-first business model, Secure Group gives extra attention to its partners. Our partner programs provide training, after-sales assistance, logistics support, as well as marketing help.

How we help our partners

As part of abovementioned help package, the two websites have been designed and implemented by Secure Group’s marketing team in coordination with Secure Com World and Secret Holder. Both are custom-made and address the specific needs of the two clients’ business models.

South Africa-based Secure Com World aims to tap into the demand for secure communications by corporate and institutional clients in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s portfolio includes Secure Phone and our enterprise self-hosted solution, Secure Box.

Secret Holder, based in the Netherlands, is geared towards end-users in fields of work that require confidentiality, such as legal professionals, notaries, journalists, etc. Secure Phone’s strong encryption and anti-surveillance features address such users’ security needs.

Secure Com World and Secret Holder are part of our Distributor and Authorized Reseller programs, respectively. To learn more about what Secure Group offers such other kinds of partners, follow the link below.



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