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We work in an industry that evolves at the speed of technological innovation but in its core deals with essential human rights such as privacy and ownership of data, coded into the simple principle of technological integrity.

Cybersecurity shifts along with the behavioral changes in the digital society. And we, as part of the industry, tech evangelists and deep believers in the future of the digital space, are shifting along with the market. This process is not a one-step-journey but a consequence of complex market factors and the need to guarantee the safety of the most valuable resource nowadays – data. That’s why we’ve decided to create a thorough article, reflecting the market change and giving viable insights into the state of the industry and the safety of the digital space in 2019.

The State of Cybersecurity – An Overview

Cybersecurity Industry Statistics 2019

One of the major trends, we’re talking about in the cybersecurity community, in forums and on industry conferences, is the fact that threats are no longer coming only from small, anonymous hacker groups. Cyber attacks are becoming state-orchestrated with national governments standing behind them.

If hackers desperately wanted to keep their anonymity in the past and just detecting an attack and trying to identify the hackers’ personality was enough to stop even serious data breaches, nowadays behavioral change is evident. Hackers are no longer care to be anonymous, and their efforts to extract sensitive data or gain privilege over a system continue long after detection.

Attacks are becoming much better orchestrated. Although they're simple as a structure, the opportunities to connect multiple devices in a network and attack from multiple vectors at the same time, that IoT provides, is making current security challenges far greater. We’re already speaking about advanced persistent threats and even cyber warfare as something that shifted from an extreme case to a daily routine with rising occurrences.

Cyber data wars, such as the Facebook data privacy scandal and the following GDPR from the EU members, gained large media coverage and social response. Mainly due to similar cases, but also because of the rising attacks vectors in the digital space, more and more organizations and individuals are concerned with the problem of data protection.


Leading the Fight for Mobile Security

As one of the first organizations to step in the mobile security market, we see it as our duty to continue developing it. Analyzing the situation, we understood our efforts should address these market changes and the rising need for mobile security.

However, the market segmentation proved to be extremely diverse, featuring multiple groups of consumers with greatly differing needs. Some users’ main concern is about privacy and anonymity, while others are just looking for encrypted mobile solutions that protect their data.

To address these scattered market segments and make cybersecurity more accessible for each of them, Secure Group has to offer need-specific encrypted solutions, personalizing mobile security to fit within different business models and user behaviors.

Due to these changes in our business development strategy, we decided it’s time to scale up our efforts. Secure Group shifts from offering simple products to developing complex and more thorough solutions. To reach this wide solution portfolio, we’ve put significant focus on innovation and started investing more capital in R&D activities.

The weakest link in cybersecurity, however, is not the technology in itself. It’s the users and their level of knowledge regarding technology and the threats connected to it. As an efficient member of the cybersecurity community, Secure Group has also set the goal to not only develop and deliver the needed encrypted mobile solutions to different market segments but also educate users on the threats to their data and prevention strategies.

An Evolving Brand with a Higher Purpose

To make our image reflect the digital revolution that is happening within Secure Group and the market shift we’re making, we decided it’s time for a rebranding.

After months of rigorous meetings, countless discussions, and late-night office hours, involving shareholders, department heads, designers and marketers, the rebranding efforts were planned. We were ready to start designing.

Secure Group Rebranding Meeting
Initially, we tried launching a logo competition. It continued for 3 months, got hundreds of designers to join, and collected some pretty good ideas. However, we were unable to find a logo that represented who we are as a brand, what we do, why we do it, and where are we headed vision-wise.

That’s why we decided to change the approach an allocate internal resources to the effort. The collaboration between marketers, data analysts, and designers continued for a month more to polish the ideas we had. We finally agreed on the notion that we’re technology evangelists, ethical hackers, and valuable partners of other organizations due to our business background, and that the logo should reflect all that.

Tech Frontmen, Data-protectors, And Reliable Business Partners

Our lead UX Designer and first graphic designer within the company had to shift the focus of his daily activities towards the rebranding. Within a month, the team was ready with a presentable concept.

Secure Group and Secure OS Logo Variations

The new logo is inspired by the concept of a morse code that could be closely associated with the shared secret as a foundation stone of cybersecurity. Furthermore, it can be associated with an encrypted message.

To make it correspond with the already established Secure Group brand, we kept the original color palette and just enhanced some of the colors to make them more vivid and tech-related. Moreover, we’ve managed to inweave the “SG” initials within the logo to make it correspond with the brand even more.

As part of the digital world and the technology market, we also placed a strong emphasis on latest design trends as we focused on making an abstract representation of a group as a memorable, bold, tech-related, and simple design that the user will remember.

New Horizons in the Mobile Security Landscape

Secure Group Encrypted Devices

The new change in our strategy, vision, and identity proved needed as we closed our first large clients with the new brand positioning, by pitching it before the public announcement.

All these changes visibly affect our solutions as well. This year we’ve succeeded in developing in-house our own hardware models to guarantee the perfect hardware integrity users need, that most competitors fail to offer.

The cybersecurity industry is rapidly shifting, and the need for encrypted solutions that protect users’ data is rising. To address the constantly evolving threats and to help structure a safer digital future, we, at Secure Group, pledge to continue polishing and personalizing our solutions, investing in rigorous R&D activities, acting as observers and reports of the security landscape, educating consumers, and fighting the global rise of cyber crime and warfare.


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