In 2019, Secure Group celebrated its 10th anniversary. It was a year of challenges, achieved goals, and rapid changes.

If there’s one thing the last 10 years confirmed, it’s that with the constant evolvement of the digital world, we feel more and more threatened as individuals, as well as a society, by hackers and data-collectors.


A decade never felt so good, and we never felt more motivated to revive privacy through strong encryption, education, transparency, and control. For Secure Group, 2019 was a time to celebrate the growth of the cyber-security movement, our customers, and our employees. Everything we do is to challenge the standards of securing people’s communications and making mobile cybersecurity more accessible, so here’s a look at some of our proudest moments.

A redesigned brand identity reflecting a higher purpose


To make our image reflect the digital revolution that is happening within Secure Group and the market shift we’re making, we decided it’s time for a rebranding.

After months of rigorous meetings, countless discussions, and late-night office hours involving shareholders, department heads, designers, and marketers, all our rebranding efforts finally paid off and came out as a memorable, bold, tech-related, and simple brand that the users will remember.

New horizons in the mobile security landscape

For us, it was always about making the mobile world a more secure place. We provide customer-tailored solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations which help them preserve the privacy of their data. These characteristics of our business made us rethink our positioning, placing Secure Group as a mobile security solution provider, and focusing purely on the B2B model.

Before going public with the new brand positioning, we decided to pitch it to a potential partner that we were fighting over with two of our biggest competitors. The pitch immediately struck a chord, winning us one of our biggest clients for the year. These efforts proved that we were going in the right direction and taking our place at the forefront of mobile security.

A next-generation encrypted device

X1 was the next and much-needed step towards making cybersecurity more accessible for everyone. Our engineers designed the new, custom device with an emphasis on high quality and performance. X1 introduces smoother user experience, simplified technical flows for easier adaptability, unmatched hardware integrity, and impenetrable data security.

With the launch of the new encrypted phone, Secure Group has achieved complete control over the supply chain. What made a big difference was not only that we designed X1 in-house, but also the fact that we partnered up with the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, Foxconn, to guarantee true zero-day-integrity.

A new way of working

A great product is built by remarkable people, and that’s why Secure Group’s most valuable asset is its employees. To attract and retain these incredible people and get the best out of them, we realized we needed a new way of working.

We came up with Secure Group’s Management Model and replaced the traditional working methods with agile working practices. Each individual within our company was given genuine autonomy over their working process. We shifted away from command-and-control mentality towards a leadership style that empowers people and allows them to grow at their own pace. The new model practically turns employees into stakeholders and gives everyone complete professional freedom.

For us setting an adequate context rather than controlling people lead to higher performance and motivation among our teams.

Attracting new talent

The success of moving away from micro-management to strategic management came shortly after. Secure Group increased its retention on current employees and improved the team interactions and overall work efforts. We also started actively attracting new talent in the house of innovation. Here are some of the bright faces that joined Secure Group’s workforce in 2019:

The new beginning

So here we stand, at the doorstep of 2020, looking back at the achievements, successes, and changes 2019 brought to us. As the cybersecurity shifts rapidly, we pledge to continue polishing and personalizing our solutions, fighting the global rise of cyber-crime and warfare, and keeping on building the secure mobile world of tomorrow.

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