This year we’ve put a lot of effort into reorganizing our business model and positioning Secure Group as a provider and engineering house of solutions for secure communications. We are now working only with large corporate customers and Master Distributors (MDs). To strengthen our partner network and help Master Distributors manage their own distribution networks, Secure Manager 3.0.0 introduces a mandatory self-hosted version for MDs.

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Self-hosted Platform for Distribution Management

The model of control allows one Primary instance of Secure Manager to control the other secondary instances, serving as a central management hub.

The technological architecture ensures that each Master Distributor has thorough visibility and complete control over their distribution networks. Resellers and Distributors can place orders towards the instance of the MD. The Master Distributor has a strategic view of their partners’ sales, due payments, and distribution needs.

The new self-hosted versions of Secure Manager guarantee higher solution integrity and greatly ease Master Distributors in managing their distribution networks.

Activation and Top-up Codes Management

The newly introduced Activation and Top-up Codes allow X1 users to create an account, enroll their device, and later on extend the Secure OS and SIM subscriptions for a given period.

The phone and SIM activation and top-up codes are now manageable through Secure Manager to optimize processes and ensure smooth user experience and reliable service.

Learn to Own Your Data

We are constantly setting the bar higher. Our aim is to improve the encrypted mobile solutions and processes to provide customers with impenetrable mobile security and a smooth user experience. From improving the hardware integrity of our devices to facilitating their in-house development, involving partners’ ideas in the product roadmap, and introducing new devices with higher security: Secure Group is always on the move towards innovation and optimization.

But an essential part of cybersecurity is also educating people on the latest threats and the solutions that counter them. To be the first one to receive updates on the state of the mobile security market and new improvements, features, and solutions from Secure Group, follow our blog.

Data security is a choice, and it’s in your hands to understand how you can choose to own your data.


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