Secure Manager is our distribution and customer relationship management solution. The platform enables partners to manage their business networks more effortlessly.


Secure Manager 3.3.0 focuses on optimizing navigation, simplifying distribution management and content distribution, and introducing solutions to problems that partners commonly face.

Optimized Navigation

We've reworked the navigation of the admin area of the new version of our distribution and customer relationship management platform. The improved interface removes unnecessary tabs such as Ad-dons to simplify navigation. The tabs in Secure Manager 3.3.0 are reordered as follows:

  • Clients - Removed Managed Affiliates link. Added links to Client Price update and Contact Permissions
  • Affiliate – The new tab is dedicated to managing affiliate relations. In includes links to Managed Affiliates, Affiliate Statistics, and Affiliate Request.
  • Orders
  • Billing - Added a link to Refund Payment.
  • Support – Moved the Affiliate Request link to the Affiliate tab. The support tab now has new links to email campaign management functionalities such as Email Marketer Custom and Mass Email. Links to advanced management tools such as DNS Manager or GAL Manager have also been added.
  • Service Management- Removed links to Mass Email, Refund Payment, Server Info.
  • Logs – Links to Gateway, Server Info, and WhoIsOnline have been added to the Logs tab:
  • Setup – In the Setup, users can find numerous links from the removed Ad-dons tab: Auto Cancellation, Auto Setup Domain, Constant Alias, Domain Additional Info, Product Relations, Shipping Details, User Groups, Server Custom Fields, Send Email Copy, Sequences, LDAP Authentication.

Initial beta tests have already demonstrated that users find the reordered menu of the distribution CRM platform more practical.

Sales Agent Contact Type Added for Better Sales & Distribution Management

The self-hosted solution instances for master distributors we've introduced recently has increased the infrastructure security of our partners and allowed easier distribution network management. The new improvement allows adding Sales Agent type of sub-account (contact) more easily.

In the client menu, partners can press the Create New Sales Agent button to add a reseller sub-account with the following required properties:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • Postcode
  • State/Region
  • City
  • Address
  • Phone Number.

Once a reseller contact has been created, they are assigned default permissions, added to the default visibility group, and activated right away.

Generate Custom Wholesale Invoice

Through the feedback collection platform – Idea Box (part of Secure Manager) partners regularly send us various problems and ideas. The Idea Box helps us guarantee user-centric development by focusing on what's essential for our customers.

Numerous master distributors that they receive payments for concrete products by client, different than the ones associated with the server id set for the products. In similar scenarios, the new version of our distribution and customer relationship management solution allows partners to generate custom wholesale invoices.

Download Section Added for Easier Content Distribution

We've added a new section in the distribution CRM called Downloads. There, partners can upload files that their distributors and resellers can download based on product availability. The functionality eases master distributors in their daily network management activities. The Downloads section serves as a sales enablement space for partners as it allows the near-instantaneous distribution of content and product documentation within the partner network.

Resolved Bugs and Problems

Secure Manager 3.3.0 also addresses problems reported by partners and found by our QA team. Issues connected with the inability to view invoices or apply a credit to unpaid ones have been resolved. We detected slight malfunctioning of the automatic system checks on non-self-hosted (slave) instanced of Secure Manager that's been promptly fixed. The bug with the overlapping client logo with the text in Email View has also been resolved.

The Mobile Security Market Awaits

With the rapid development of technology, new threats appear every day, and data-mining techniques are becoming more accessible. At the same time, the value of data is rising as it can be utilized for high-ROI business analysis initiatives. Mobile devices' architecture makes them the most vulnerable entry point for attackers. These specifics of the mobile security industry market are responsible for the growing demand for data and communication security.

The market opportunity is big, but entry barriers are quite high. Thus, it's crucial to find the right partner. Secure Group's business model is focused on developing our partner network and its sales capacity. We support our distributors, resellers, and solution providers with additional solutions for mobile device management and Distribution CRM, security training, and marketing, sales, and tech support.


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