The new release of Secure Manager, our subscription management platform, comes packed with many fixes and improvements, covering areas from backend integration with other services and servers to checkout and UI optimization.

secure manager v 1.24.1

Double reactivation
We have successfully fixed an instance when the system allowed Secure Phone subscription to be reactivated again, while the initial reactivation was being processed. Previously, this resulted in a mismatch between the service billing cycle and the recurring price on the invoice.

Checkout errors
Multiple errors during the ordering and checkout process were also amended to ensure a smooth user experience. We have fixed the password validation form when ordering a Secure BlackBerry subscription service. Now, your shopping cart contents are preserved in case of a password mismatch.

Using voice services with a new domain
You are now able to start using the voice services in Secure Chat application as soon as you order a new domain with your Secure Pack subscription service.

Domain validation errors
When ordering a Secure Pack or Secure Phone subscription service, you will no longer receive an error message saying that the domain you have selected is unavailable when including an at symbol, @, with a username (local part).

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